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Why Choose Us

Here are four good reasons why:

1st, Australian immigration legislation is complex and constantly changing. For example, an amazing number of visa classes (over a hundred, some of which involve double standards applicable to citizens from different countries) and repeated changes in skilled migration regime. To save yourself time and hassles, you need to be backed up by someone who knows the system well and has acquired hands-on experience. AusVisa has been in the business for over ten years and we have successfully handled hundreds of cases from a diversity of ethnic communities.

2nd, as migrants ourselves, we know better than others, the confusion, frustration and even despondency you might be experiencing in the lengthy period of going through all the formalities. We have the passion and skills to offer you our help.

3rd, we have a strong team made up of professionals specializing in different areas. We can provide our clients with comprehensive services, from migration planning and strategic development to job placement and re-settlement support. With our help, hundreds of families from over twenty countries worldwide have successfully come to Australia to work, live or study.

4th, the company has an excellent proven track record. When it comes to appointing a migration agent, you surely want to be in safe hands. And clearly at AusVisa we will not let you down, as we have proudly maintained a record of not a single complaint lodged against us ever since the business started ten years ago.