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Expert Forum

Family visa reopened

Posted on Monday, 29 September 2014 12:20 AM

The following five types of visas will be reopened on September 25th after being suspended for three months:

• Parent visa

• Aged Parent visa

• Aged Dependent Relative visa

• Remaining Relative visa

• Carer visa

The reason why these types of visas were cut off was to save government expenditures and to free up more immigrant positions for immigrants that make greater contributions to the country's economy. The reason for the restoration is to consider the humanitarian reasons for family reunification. Everyone can say their own words.

However, judging from the information disclosed by the Ministry of Immigration, the actual significance of the reopening remains to be seen. For example, the official waiting period for a non-paying parent reunion visa is 30 years; the caregiver visa is 4.5 years; the final family member visa will take about 56 years.

How to make use of the existing family immigration framework and choose the appropriate visa category is exactly what Aowei is good at. Please don't miss contacting us.

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